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my-iWallet 2.0

my-iWallet 2.0: IE Plugin scans face, finger or voice Biometrics for secure logon to Web Sites. Biometrics is the use of a personal trait such as finger or face, voice or iris recognition to identify a person. my-iWallet is a uniquely secure and innovative application, the first to utilize Biometrics in this way, enabling you to log on to Web Sites without entering passwords, but rather by simply Scanning your finger or face, voice or biosmartcard.

FaceDub 2.30: Easily put a face on any body using any photo or ready made template!
FaceDub 2.30

FaceDub, you can publish it to the website and share it with your friends. The best news is that FaceDub is so easy to use. Its user friendly interface makes good looking face swaps a no brainer. FaceDub`s tools are simple yet extraordinarily powerful. The FaceDub BrushMagic tool airbrushes away any hard edges and seams so that the face truly looks like a part of the body. The Face Targeting feature allows you to position the face in

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Luxand FaceSDK 3.0: Multi-platform face recognition and identification SDK
Luxand FaceSDK 3.0

faces on a photograph and returning the exact position of the eyes. Real-time biometric authentication and webcam-based login systems can be built around FaceSDK quickly and easily. A variety of photo processing and video manipulation products are using FaceSDK as their face recognition engine. By offering reliable face identification in a wide range of lighting conditions, FaceSDK can be used in face-based authentication systems that allow users

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FaceSwapper 1.0: Swap faces between images and create high-quality collages in just minutes!
FaceSwapper 1.0

faces. Just click on a face in the source and destination pictures, and FaceSwapper will detect and select both faces completely automatically. Jagged edges? What jagged edges? The selection tool takes care of the original and target backgrounds automatically to seamlessly blend the new face with the background. If the target has different colors or a different gamma, FaceSwapper will automatically adjust the colors and brightness of the face to

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Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe 5.4.0: Create fantastic face morph or face composite in real time with ease and fun
Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe 5.4.0

Face Extractor, Face Locator and Face Mixer, were added to the Deluxe edition. With these intelligent, powerful and novel tools, creating face morph or face composite from multiple images has never been easier and faster! With Face Extractor, the program can automatically extract the face portion from an image. With Face Locator, the program can now automatically detect the facial features (eyes, nose, mouth, etc.) and place key dots on appropriate

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FaceMorpher Web Edition 1.5: Automatically morph or transform faces on your Web site.
FaceMorpher Web Edition 1.5

face, which takes away the fun and degrades the resulting animation quality. FaceMorpher Web Edition obsoletes the manual work and automates face recognition and detection of its facial features such as eyes, eye corners, eyebrows, mouth corners, nose tip, and so on. A visitor can submit any digital picture that contains a frontal face, and FaceMorpher Web Edition will find the face and locate its facial features precisely and completely automatically

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VeriLook Standard SDK (Demo for Linux) 2.0: Webcam capable face identification SDK, libraries and source code.
VeriLook Standard SDK (Demo for Linux) 2.0

face identification technology. It can be used with most cameras, webcams and databases on Linux or Windows. Simultaneous multiple faces` detection, processing and identification up to 80,000 faces/second. SDK distribution package includes: + VeriLook DLL (one license); + Interface for image input from file; + Interface for image input from camera; + Windows source codes of DLL usage sample application in C/C++, C#, Java, Visual Basic 6, VBA (for

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